Scribbles – Faith

  • As the years pass by, I find my questions left with no answers and my heart more hurt.
  • It seems like good intentions no longer help me survive.. for the world is looking more cruel to me.
  • I no longer know if I lack communication skills or that I am just overly sensitive to this world.. for in my book, sensitivity is a communication skill in and of itself.
  • It is fascinating how people come and go out of my life as much as it is fascinating to watch my heart closes and opens in the process.
  • My heart always found enough space for accepting differences, while it did not have the chance to be accepted for once.
  • I realized the illusion of time and how it took me to believe that things begin and end.. I have got no conclusions and no beginnings, I only have the now to deal with.
  • And I lately discovered that faith is a hard friend to get and the hardest friend to keep in this life. But I will keep fighting, for it is the most faithful one of all..


May it be


May the pain strike
the bits of darkness within
May it lighten your empty dark whole

May it lead you to the right path
And conceal every sin
The sins you have committed 
against your own soul

And I’m here with you,
Nurishing you,
Standing by you to plant
the seed of your grace
So that it may take over
the pain in you heart

May it be.

Change Symphony

The fate I try to control

The events I try hardly to draw

Using my pens and my colors

To hold on to them for years

Or to run away from to the other side

In my own I draw the fate

I believe is true,

In my own I reach it

And on my own I stay

To play the symphony I created

With the music of my emotions

Translated into songs

It’s played again and again

Until it’s not truthful anymore

Until black takes over the white

And change imposes its self

Yet again, as it always should do

And always did.

Ending by Nouf AlEnezi

EC Writing Club

My voice fades away

The minute I’m faced with you

The thoughts in my head

Can not find their way out

To be spoken

And I still wish that you understand them all

And understand why

They are the way they are

Dear Ocean of life,

Your depth has always inspired me

And was my biggest fears of all

Your coast was my shelter

When determination and strength

Weren’t there to be choices at all

And now calmness has increased

Truth has been revealed

You have spoken to me

That you hide many too

Wish for things

And most of all, sureness

Wasn’t always your choice

But now I feel my breath weaker

My legs refuse to move

And I am still me awake, aware but hate to talk

I’m in the midst of you dear Ocean

Just because I never wanted for denial

To be my ending

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The memories,
the wishes,
and the written hopes
that were close to fairy tales
were definite and true

The images,
the scents,
the travels and victories
that my eyes used to hint
were truthful like everyday’s sunset
and more

But now I’m at the peak yet low,
between my inner darkness
and the whiteness of my snow
I’m whole,
but when I ask this to myself the answer is always “no”
All I can see and know
is that I was always the victim
and the victor
of my own downfalls.



I’m sailing in your large blue sea
Against the waves of your
Plans,wants and wishes
The seeds
You planted in your
Wary mind for me

I love you,
more strongly
than these waves
can hit this shore
the shore,
where my beginnings found me,
and the place where
I heard my first heart beat
And saw for the first time,
my heart bleed
It took me only moments
to be under your
cozy clouds
and a second
to be under your cursed rainy ones
The rain I’m drowning under
endlessly it seems.

I sought you
and I did not understand,
how love and hate can coexist inside
when in front of me,
you stand.
My attached self does not understand
that it can never grow real seeds
in your ground
But my guilty heart
sees the potential of growth
and seeks the truth you never admitted
It sits beneath your deep dark eyes
the place where
I let my heart grow its seeds
Mixed with the guilt
Of me never having to fulfill
Your cloudiness
That once for it, I fell.

And finally, I got to realize that
the love I hold for you,
is like the one I hold for the sea
Still, deep,
but through it, I cannot foresee
something that my eyes
Aren’t used to not reaping
And I’m overwhelmed
with the fact that
God loved me so
to let me forget how to swim.
But I’m more shocked of the fact
that I forgot
seeds never grow on seas
They never grow on seas
They never do
I’m building new hope instead
And guilt is no longer
My heart’s seeds.